Getting started with Adpow – Creating a Campaign

Getting Started

Get ready to engage your fan base like never before! With Adpow, getting results is easy, but we’d still like to help you get started with this overview highlighting the different options you have at your disposal.

Select your Widget

Once you are logged in to your account, you can create the campaign of your choice. Six widgets are available to you to provide a value-add of your choice to your users in exchange for a wide range of actions:

  1. Content Locker:This gives your audience access to content in exchange for an action
  2. Coupon:Create a contest around trying to win a coupon
  3. Giveaway:Create a contest to allow your audience to win prizes
  4. Download:Enable a download in exchange for an action
  5. Question:Get feedback or ask users to answer questions to participate
  6. Vote:Get user preference data in exchange for entering a campaign

Configuring your Campaign

To get the most out of your campaign, Adpow provides a wide range of configuration options. Give your campaign the look and feel of your choice, configure the campaign for optimal results and remove Adpow branding with business and brand plans. Your editing options include:

  1. The title and description of the contest
  2. Images and appearance
  3. The start and end dates of the contest
  4. Required logins
  5. The actions required to participate or increase chances of winning
  6. The number of winners and the associated rewards
  7. Message to post after participation
  8. Terms and conditions, minimum age for entrants and authorized countries

Choose the required actions

In order for users to enter your campaign, you can require a large number of actions first. This list continues to grow but already contains 21 different option. Grow your email list, get Facebook page visits, require a share to increase virality, you name it.

Any of the action types can be made mandatory or optional. You can also freely assign a certain number of points to each action (1, 2 or 3 points). As entrants accumulate points, they increase their likelihood of being selected a winner. Ascribe the maximum number of points to the actions that are most important to your strategy for optimal results.

And don’t forget to share and post the campaign on all your available channels for the best possible results. Post on your social channels, promote it via email or embed it on your website with a ready-to-use embed code. And watch the results come in.

Analytics and Post-Campaign:

As soon as your contest is launched, you can access real-time data using Adpow’s dashboard. See who your entrants are and how your audience is segmented across the actions they performed. Generate your winner at random and export all your data for usage in house.

The analytics provided by Adpow also let you evaluate overall performance to see which of your channels have performed the best, what sort of user engagement and conversion rates you are achieving, what your typical entrant’s profile looks like and how many new fans you have acquired.

Case Studies:

See how Adpow has driven up engagement, grown email lists, scaled up fan communities and much more by clicking on some of our quick-read case studies.